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5 Ways Digital Marketing Is Changing The Music Industry

The music industry has quickly evolved to adapt to the changing trends in an increasingly digital and connected landscape. It has changed its tune from the vinyl age to mobile devices and connected services to stay relevant. Technology has played a crucial role in redefining trends in the music industry. It has cut down production time and opened up the markets to a global level.

Digital marketing presents your hard work and talent as an artist to a global audience. You no longer need to engage the press, DJs, radio and television stations in promoting your work. Additionally, there are numerous digital platforms such as Tidal and Spotify dedicated to developing talent. Let us look at the role digital marketing is playing in revolutionizing the music industry.

1. Social media and influencers

The music industry has a strong focus on the younger generation. In this digital era, the target audience spends time on social media. These platforms enable global fans to interact with their favorite artists. Music marketers are finding creative ways to keep this audience engaged. Local players are relying on technology to connect with global audiences and become celebrities almost overnight.

It is cost-effective and complements traditional strategies such as word-of-mouth and banking on the power of influencers. Fans can quickly share their opinions and promote a hit within hours.

2. Mobile marketing

Mobile penetration is higher than we have ever seen. This empowers innovative music marketers to reach their fans anytime, anywhere. Mobile users can check out new tunes at home, at work, and on the move. Marketing specialists such as Charles Lubbat can help you collect, analyze and use data from mobile users to provide highly targeted promotional campaigns. Mobile apps have also made it possible to receive valuable feedback instantly from listeners.

3. Video marketing

A video is still a dominant force on the digital marketing scene. Thanks to platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo, bands can quickly present compelling visual content to millions of global viewers without waiting to schedule a concert tour. It offers a highly appealing platform for bands to take charge of their careers in collaboration with other digital media strategies. Social and business networking platforms are increasingly adopting video with some delving into the live video space.

4. Streaming services

The traditional album-oriented marketing company is giving way to online platforms such as Spotify. These are driving subscriptions on a playlist and song model with tremendous success in revenue growth. Additionally, the advent of entertainment controllers such as Amazon Echo is slowly adding to the success of digital tools. Streaming marketers are coming up with creative ways to make engagements more captivating including strategies such as advance notifications of exclusive releases and events.

5. Extended promotional strategies

Other digital marketing strategies such as pay-per-click advertising, websites, and SEO provide new platforms to reach a broader audience. Expert digital marketers such as Charles Lubbat can formulate a marketing strategy that turns talent into successful celebrities with a global footprint. You can get audiences to events by promoting attendance through digital marketing strategies.


Digital marketing presents massive opportunities for the enterprising artists and music marketers. It has created a wide range of tools that enable new talent to thrive in previously unreachable markets. Additionally, it is expanding the market base by presenting the digital natives with new and old music on their favorite platforms. Platforms such as SoundCloud are using artificial intelligence to take the game to a higher level in terms of production and marketing.

Photography Tips Every Beginner Should Master

If you are just getting into photography, you must have wanted to know some of the basics that should guide your activities to become a successful photographer. One thing you need to understand is that photography is one of the most interesting fields and when you master the right tricks and get the tools required for the work, you will love every step of the way in your career. So, as a beginner, you might need some guidance from established photography experts like Martin J. Stallone to make the right decisions. Here are top tips you should know about as a beginner to become a successful photographer.

Don’t get the most expensive equipment right away

There’s usually some temptation to believe that the only way one can achieve quality photos is through getting expensive equipment. As a beginner, you don’t need such equipment because in most cases these are useful when used by a highly experience photographer. Therefore, focus more on the skill rather than spending a lot to get equipment as this is the only way you will ensure your effort leads you to understand about the most important ways to photograph. Take as many photos as you can using the camera you have and with time you will start to notice an improvement.

Get a tripod

You could do well with an inexpensive tripod as it helps you overcome the errors that occur when you have shaky hands. This will give you more accuracy and as a result of the stability you will easily take good photos, which in effect raises your confidence because you become satisfied in the outcome of your skills in photography. To achieve more stability, you could use the timer function and the tripod to ensure you take highly refined photos.

Experiment with different settings

One of the ways you could improve your style in photography is learning about different camera settings and how best to apply them. For this, you need to experiment to see what works perfectly to offer you the results you are after. Be flexible with your point and shoot if you want to get a powerful choice of settings that will transform you from a novice to an expert. Every photographer as a unique style they believe brings out their skills well and to build yours you need to try different settings to pick what serves passion well.

Be a regular photographer

You should never forget that photography is an art that is acquired over time and to become perfect in it you have to exercise regularly. Do regular shots and make sure to try to achieve the results experts showcase and while at it ensure to also try to follow photography rules recommended for quality photos. One of the reasons many upcoming photographers never achieve their goals to become experts is because they lose focus too fast instead of maintaining consistency in their work.

Learn the rules

There are rules that expert photographers like Marty Stallone use to make their photos look good. You could read about these rules and watch video tutorials that guide you on how you can approach the rules to enhance your skills.

When you feel there is something you are not getting, you are advised to consult an expert in photography. In fact, you should look for a mentor as this is a better way to ensure you only get the most useful resources that will help you grow as a photographer. Becoming a good photographer is about how well you position yourself and the planning you undertake to achieve your goals, so don’t give in yet.

Top Photography Tips Every Absolute Beginner Should Follow

Photography is an area that has advanced especially with the availability of resources in the online space which new photographers can use to sharpen their skills. Starting your journey as a photographer could appear the most difficult thing you ever attempted, but what you need is the basics that will help you get off the ground. Most beginners don’t even have the money to purchase expensive equipment that could guarantee them quality, but this does not restrict one from venturing into photography. These tips are the only thing you need as a beginner to kick start your journey in photography.

Don’t worry about getting the most expensive equipment

The biggest worry many photographers have is getting the right set of equipment so they can take the perfect shots. However, this is not necessarily one of the things you need to worry much about as with even a basic camera you could start practicing. You need to take as many shots as possible to first master focus and the best way to position yourself while shooting. When the time to upgrade finally comes, you will have gained a lot of skills and you will realize it’s easier to take photos with the new camera that is easier to operate.

Consider changing your perspective

Among the best ways to ensure you take unremarkable photos is by snapping the subject straight-on against the eye level. Many people understand this viewpoint, but this does not also mean it is the best you can embrace whenever you want to solve a problem. Experimentation while taking photos is one of the processes of learning that will bring the uniqueness in your skills that many will appreciate. Work on different positions and make sure to engage thoughts on the mood you need to create out of your photos. To work around viewpoints, you could start by changing the elevation of the setting to move closer to the ground, or you could even stand on top of an object while shooting.

Understand post-processing

Post-processing is one of the terms that are most misunderstood by novice photographers because the interpretation is often that you change the source photo completely. What you should note is that while post-processing entails refining your photos by eliminating any errors you could have made, you should aspire to retain the natural appeal of the images. Introducing filters and brushes that will distort the color balance or give the photo a different shade is more than post-processing; in fact this would be editing, which is basically not the essence of post-processing.

Stop blaming your gear

Indeed, your gear matters but you have no reason to complain when you cannot achieve the outcome you want with the equipment you own. What photography experts including Martin Joseph Stallone advise is that you should consider practicing how to take without the help of equipment. The realization alone that nothing is aiding you gives you the motivation to be more keen and focused on taking perfect shots.

How to Choose the Best Photographic Niche

Specialization is an important component of success that most photographers don’t use. Identification of a niche helps in the development of your brand. Specialization tells people that you have your area of expertise. It helps you get the right customers, gain a good reputation and helps you to stand out from other photographers. A photographer who specializes is also able to charge higher prices too. Here are important tips that can help you to identify your niche in photography.

1. Understand the different areas of specialization

Before specializing in a given niche, it is important to realize the different photographic niches. These niches can range from stock photography – where you need to have many photos to make money, to fashion or sports photography. Knowledge of the different niches helps you select the one that suits you. It also helps you to switch from one niche to another without difficulties.

2. You cannot do everything!

With a camera in your hands, you can take photos of newborns, weddings, and products just to name a few. Doing all these will sustain you in a short period. But what is the downside? You may compromise the quality of your work. When you specialize, you will improve the quality of your work and attract more people to your business. People will also easily identify you with the type of photos that you take.

3. Try different niches

If you want to succeed in the identification of a niche that will give you more money, you have to get out of your comfort zone. Don’t just do what you like doing, try different things. Doing different things exposes you to different challenges and opportunities. Trying different niches provides you with an excellent learning opportunity. Even prominent photographers like Rocco Basile are experts in various genres of photography.

4. Do what you love

We all enjoy and love doing different things. There is nothing as good as doing something that you love and earning money from it. By identifying a niche that you love, you will be able to accomplish different tasks faster and more efficiently. By doing what you love, you should not ignore everything else. Just like with most of other businesses, photography also thrives on relationships. Photography will enable you to interact with other people and build relationships.

5. Embrace change and adapt

Nothing is static. What you loved ten years ago may be different to what you love now and what you will enjoy ten years to come. Even after identifying your area of focus, always be ready for a change. To caution yourself, update yourself with the changes that are taking place around you. Identification and adoption of changes taking place will enable you to specialize and remain relevant. It will also help you maintain your customers.

Final thought

It is important to note that your niche in photography is exposed to growth, decline, and change over time. Allow yourself to do what you enjoy doing. After all, the field of photography is very wide, and you don’t need to master all. Specialization will enable people to identify you with a given niche. It will also enhance your skills in photography and help you establish your customer base.

How to Make Photography Your Dream Job

Want to make big in your dream business? It’s not easy especially when you have competitors in every nook and corner of your locality. And a business like photography is one of them.

Every successful business system like that of Matthew David Parker photography comes down to following elements:

Finding Your Market

Photography just like any other gig needs to serve a target market. This is the foundation where your customers are based. It is crucial that you identify a market before you choose photography as your career choice. You want to select a locality that is picture savvy, willing to spend disposable money into finer things in life and is easy to reach. In other words, a consistent market for your photography services mainly consists of a group of people with a common need, interests who have enough spending power than most localities in the area. So, if you are not targeting a stronger market and just being there for the sake of it, you could do everything wrong in this business.

Again, you need to ask yourself about what niche you would like to pursue when it comes to photography. Do you want to offer wedding service, sports service, casual or occasional services? These days, people are looking for variety, so the bigger your list of service the better. However, you must note that every service has its own unique pros and cons and not everything is viable and profitable. It is not enough to say that you want to target only wedding photography or sports photos. This field is far too broad. There is no one size fit all service here.

Likewise, you cannot offer a photography service where there is a huge competition in the market. You also risk running into a non-existing market where demand is too low and supply is huge. You may think you have chosen a money-making strategy when it is all about supply and demand.

What Can You Offer

Many people believe that photography is synonymous to all types of photo service. While this is true on the surface, it is a shortsighted idea to think that way. You will make a killing in this business if you realize that people buy solutions, not products. If you can shift your focus on what they need, you will surely know what to offer them, wrapped in a comprehensive package. Look to solve their problems rather than merely offering the services listed on your catalog.

This is true whether you are doing photography for an event or personal use. A good service consists of more than just photos in varying sizes. It also includes intangible benefits such as quality, the reliability of the service and customer support. For example, let us say you have a wedding photography order. Your service should go well beyond the photos, beyond the information given on the brochure. Know that you customer knows what to expect from the service – photos of the wedding event. You on the other hand must address all of the unspoken criteria such as quality, availability and much else. This means putting emphasis on things that will make customers recommend your service to others, at the same time make their event a memorable one. The customer should also get a free, one-on-one consultation with you as a bonus, or any other perks that you think are appropriate or valid. This way you will not only build their trust but attract more and more people to your door. Limiting your service to just photos and telling them how much it costs is far less effective than offering them all the incredible benefits. Discusses the Fascinating Ways Music and Other Behaviors Affect the Brain

CreditUpdates MusicIt’s widely understood that a person’s taste in music will be considerably different from the personal preferences of others, so the emotional response a particular song or artist is able to generate in one person is quite likely to be radically different when compared to the emotional responses generated in other listeners. Researchers have studied the brain extensively with the goal of understanding this broad range of potential responses, looking at the connections between different regions of the brain and examining the manner in which chemicals are subsequently released. might be interested to learn that certain sensations are often the product of external stimuli, with chemicals being released in response to a particular song or even the act of making a relatively frivolous purchase with a credit card. Researchers found that certain individuals are more prone to experiencing an intensely positive response than others, which is why it might be important for those seeking to improve their credit score to understand that one frivolous purchase may cause the release of chemicals within the brain that could very well encourage future frivolous spending.

While being more likely to repeatedly experience the chills in response to a specific song will not have a significantly negative impact on an individual’s quality of life, the positive emotional response caused by unnecessary spending will certainly bring about a number of negative consequences. In these cases, rationality and reason must be thoughtfully applied to the decision-making process.


Jared Londry Offers Guidance on How to Revitalize Stagnant City Neighborhoods

Neighborhoods photo

When it comes to positive contributions made to the revitalization of neighborhoods in cities enjoying a period of sudden and widespread growth, Jared Londry can cite countless sales of commercial real estate properties within cities clearly on the rise. Whether it is the sale of the South Tryon office tower, the Fort Mill office buildings or the prime real estate in SouthPark, Londry has been a consistent and key figure and has experienced firsthand how the commercial sector can breathe life into a stagnating city by stimulating commercial growth in a significant and ongoing way.

While Charlotte and many of the other cities throughout the Carolinas have taken advantage of similar factors driving impressive growth in recent years, perhaps there is no example more compelling than the remarkable turnaround of some of New York City’s most notoriously underperforming boroughs. Brooklyn in particular has undergone a near-total transformation due at least in part to the influence of the commercial sector and its involvement in attracting more and more potential residents to the once-overlooked area.

Residential and commercial properties in Brooklyn that could once be had for nothing more than a song now routinely sell for millions of dollars, and there are other cities throughout the United States and abroad in which similar opportunities exist. This is especially the case in areas like New York City, in which the underdeveloped neighborhoods bordering already-thriving areas represent an ideal opportunity. This may be why developers in Tijuana, Mexico, have high hopes for a project targeting Old Tijuana, where abandoned buildings and a lack of commerce keep visitors from venturing into a historic neighborhood that holds a natural and immediately evident appeal.

Groza Learning Center Is A Place Where Growth Happens

Groza Learning Center is a unique place that focuses on motivating children to reach their true potential. It is located in the beautiful city of Pacific Palisades California. They are all about teaching children to become life-long students who enjoy learning, which can bring them further up the path of success. They offer a variety of services from test prep to reading help as well as test preparation. The atmosphere is much more situated to learning then a stern controlled school, this allows for freedom of imagination encapsulating the learning process with a firm understanding and loads of fun. Imagine a music room when you were in high school. There is activity everywhere!

The rooms are made in themes for the most original experience available today. It is, however, the quality and professionalism of the enriching and caring staff that further pushes along the children to develop the ultimate quality of dedicated students. They have offered their commitment to their students for over ten years. It is the centers positive nature that encourage kids to establish strong roots and grow in a very effective manner. Learning is child-centered allowing each one of the tutors to work with the child in regards to their own needs instead of a copycat method of teaching.

There is also assistance offered to students who are homeschooled, this allows for a different change of pace and an environment to learn in. At Groza Learning Center it is understood that every child deserves to have extra help in a situation where it might be needed. They offer full-time schooling as well as a one-course basis for homeschool students who need just a little bit of additional help. This varied approach can be just what a child needs to bring up their excitement about school and carry on with more energy for school than before.

What Role Does Music Play in Academic Performance?

Whenever public school budgets get so tight that cuts appear unavoidable, it seems that the first targets are music programs, art programs and physical education. While this is a common strategy for cutting costs, there is not any real logic involved in these proposed decisions. Even though there has been a decided shift in the educational focus toward subjects related to STEM (science, technology, engineering and math), it does not mean that other programs are without value, and it is certainly not true that other programs do not contribute to student achievement in the STEM subjects.

Ken Fisher and many others would likely agree that music, artistic expression and physical activity all contribute to academic performance in essential ways. It has been proven over and over again that learning how to read sheet music and how to play an instrument results in measureable improvements in all academic subjects. In fact, just listening to the right kind of music can yield improved performance and more productive study sessions regardless of the subject.

The same is true of physical education programs, and there is an argument to be made that more of the school day should be devoted to physical activity. There is a clear correlation between frequent physical activity and academic performance, particularly as it pertains to the ability to focus for extended periods of time. As for the visual arts, it is well established that creative expression can stimulate critical thinking and help students develop improved analytical processes.

It should be quite clear that the arts, music and physical education are vital academic courses that benefit students across all subjects. Schools that cut costs by eliminating these types of programs have to understand that there is a tremendous academic performance cost that will result. The current perception in education places a greater value on STEM subjects at the moment, but removing non-STEM subjects should not be a consequence of this belief. If anything, there needs to be a greater focus on these subjects to ensure that students are getting the well-rounded education they deserve.

My Music Gets Recognition Through The Help Of David Kravitz’s Book!

I have loved music since as far as I could remember, but I have also loved business and advertising. One day I decided, why not just put the two together? As the great saying goes, if you love what you do, why do it for free? If you love what you do then you’ll never work a day in your life and I thought, “This was the perfect idea!” or so I thought.

The problem was, I knew music but I didn’t know much about business or advertising, I was just always interested in it. If I wanted to turn my music into a business, first I needed other people and that means first, I needed to advertise. Oh boy, where do I start?

51x54WJHU7L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_I remembered just then a successful friend of mine saying how they used social media as tools to push their ideas, business, sales and agenda. I called them up and we had a long discussion about how they got to where they are with their business and I told them what I was trying to accomplish. The first words were, “You need to check out David Kravitz’s book called ‘How To Monetize Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Linkedin and Other Social Media Sites.'” What an absurdly long name for a book!

After finding it on Amazon, just reading the first 5 pages started to change and mold my way of thinking. I was using these sites purely just to send silly pictures and keep up with friends and old roommates from my college days. I had no idea I could turn this into money!

Long story short, now my music is getting recognition and being played on a global scale and while success doesn’t happen overnight (there’s no such thing), I am not where I was months ago.