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Month: July 2017

Top Photography Tips Every Absolute Beginner Should Follow

Photography is an area that has advanced especially with the availability of resources in the online space which new photographers can use to sharpen their skills. Starting your journey as a photographer could appear the most difficult thing you ever attempted, but what you need is the basics that will help you get off the ground. Most beginners don’t even have the money to purchase expensive equipment that could guarantee them quality, but this does not restrict one from venturing into photography. These tips are the only thing you need as a beginner to kick start your journey in photography.

Don’t worry about getting the most expensive equipment

The biggest worry many photographers have is getting the right set of equipment so they can take the perfect shots. However, this is not necessarily one of the things you need to worry much about as with even a basic camera you could start practicing. You need to take as many shots as possible to first master focus and the best way to position yourself while shooting. When the time to upgrade finally comes, you will have gained a lot of skills and you will realize it’s easier to take photos with the new camera that is easier to operate.

Consider changing your perspective

Among the best ways to ensure you take unremarkable photos is by snapping the subject straight-on against the eye level. Many people understand this viewpoint, but this does not also mean it is the best you can embrace whenever you want to solve a problem. Experimentation while taking photos is one of the processes of learning that will bring the uniqueness in your skills that many will appreciate. Work on different positions and make sure to engage thoughts on the mood you need to create out of your photos. To work around viewpoints, you could start by changing the elevation of the setting to move closer to the ground, or you could even stand on top of an object while shooting.

Understand post-processing

Post-processing is one of the terms that are most misunderstood by novice photographers because the interpretation is often that you change the source photo completely. What you should note is that while post-processing entails refining your photos by eliminating any errors you could have made, you should aspire to retain the natural appeal of the images. Introducing filters and brushes that will distort the color balance or give the photo a different shade is more than post-processing; in fact this would be editing, which is basically not the essence of post-processing.

Stop blaming your gear

Indeed, your gear matters but you have no reason to complain when you cannot achieve the outcome you want with the equipment you own. What photography experts including Martin Joseph Stallone advise is that you should consider practicing how to take without the help of equipment. The realization alone that nothing is aiding you gives you the motivation to be more keen and focused on taking perfect shots.