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Category: Digital Marketing

5 Ways Digital Marketing Is Changing The Music Industry

The music industry has quickly evolved to adapt to the changing trends in an increasingly digital and connected landscape. It has changed its tune from the vinyl age to mobile devices and connected services to stay relevant. Technology has played a crucial role in redefining trends in the music industry. It has cut down production time and opened up the markets to a global level.

Digital marketing presents your hard work and talent as an artist to a global audience. You no longer need to engage the press, DJs, radio and television stations in promoting your work. Additionally, there are numerous digital platforms such as Tidal and Spotify dedicated to developing talent. Let us look at the role digital marketing is playing in revolutionizing the music industry.

1. Social media and influencers

The music industry has a strong focus on the younger generation. In this digital era, the target audience spends time on social media. These platforms enable global fans to interact with their favorite artists. Music marketers are finding creative ways to keep this audience engaged. Local players are relying on technology to connect with global audiences and become celebrities almost overnight.

It is cost-effective and complements traditional strategies such as word-of-mouth and banking on the power of influencers. Fans can quickly share their opinions and promote a hit within hours.

2. Mobile marketing

Mobile penetration is higher than we have ever seen. This empowers innovative music marketers to reach their fans anytime, anywhere. Mobile users can check out new tunes at home, at work, and on the move. Marketing specialists such as Charles Lubbat Houston Texas can help you collect, analyze and use data from mobile users to provide highly targeted promotional campaigns. Mobile apps have also made it possible to receive valuable feedback instantly from listeners.

3. Video marketing

A video is still a dominant force on the digital marketing scene. Thanks to platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo, bands can quickly present compelling visual content to millions of global viewers without waiting to schedule a concert tour. It offers a highly appealing platform for bands to take charge of their careers in collaboration with other digital media strategies. Social and business networking platforms are increasingly adopting video with some delving into the live video space.

4. Streaming services

The traditional album-oriented marketing company is giving way to online platforms such as Spotify. These are driving subscriptions on a playlist and song model with tremendous success in revenue growth. Additionally, the advent of entertainment controllers such as Amazon Echo is slowly adding to the success of digital tools. Streaming marketers are coming up with creative ways to make engagements more captivating including strategies such as advance notifications of exclusive releases and events.

5. Extended promotional strategies

Other digital marketing strategies such as pay-per-click advertising, websites, and SEO provide new platforms to reach a broader audience. Expert digital marketers such as Charles Lubbat Houston Texas can formulate a marketing strategy that turns talent into successful celebrities with a global footprint. You can get audiences to events by promoting attendance through digital marketing strategies.


Digital marketing presents massive opportunities for the enterprising artists and music marketers. It has created a wide range of tools that enable new talent to thrive in previously unreachable markets. Additionally, it is expanding the market base by presenting the digital natives with new and old music on their favorite platforms. Platforms such as SoundCloud are using artificial intelligence to take the game to a higher level in terms of production and marketing.