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How to Make Photography Your Dream Job

Want to make big in your dream business? It’s not easy especially when you have competitors in every nook and corner of your locality. And a business like photography is one of them.

Every successful business system like that of Matthew David Parker photography comes down to following elements:

Finding Your Market

Photography just like any other gig needs to serve a target market. This is the foundation where your customers are based. It is crucial that you identify a market before you choose photography as your career choice. You want to select a locality that is picture savvy, willing to spend disposable money into finer things in life and is easy to reach. In other words, a consistent market for your photography services mainly consists of a group of people with a common need, interests who have enough spending power than most localities in the area. So, if you are not targeting a stronger market and just being there for the sake of it, you could do everything wrong in this business.

Again, you need to ask yourself about what niche you would like to pursue when it comes to photography. Do you want to offer wedding service, sports service, casual or occasional services? These days, people are looking for variety, so the bigger your list of service the better. However, you must note that every service has its own unique pros and cons and not everything is viable and profitable. It is not enough to say that you want to target only wedding photography or sports photos. This field is far too broad. There is no one size fit all service here.

Likewise, you cannot offer a photography service where there is a huge competition in the market. You also risk running into a non-existing market where demand is too low and supply is huge. You may think you have chosen a money-making strategy when it is all about supply and demand.

What Can You Offer

Many people believe that photography is synonymous to all types of photo service. While this is true on the surface, it is a shortsighted idea to think that way. You will make a killing in this business if you realize that people buy solutions, not products. If you can shift your focus on what they need, you will surely know what to offer them, wrapped in a comprehensive package. Look to solve their problems rather than merely offering the services listed on your catalog.

This is true whether you are doing photography for an event or personal use. A good service consists of more than just photos in varying sizes. It also includes intangible benefits such as quality, the reliability of the service and customer support. For example, let us say you have a wedding photography order. Your service should go well beyond the photos, beyond the information given on the brochure. Know that you customer knows what to expect from the service – photos of the wedding event. You on the other hand must address all of the unspoken criteria such as quality, availability and much else. This means putting emphasis on things that will make customers recommend your service to others, at the same time make their event a memorable one. The customer should also get a free, one-on-one consultation with you as a bonus, or any other perks that you think are appropriate or valid. This way you will not only build their trust but attract more and more people to your door. Limiting your service to just photos and telling them how much it costs is far less effective than offering them all the incredible benefits.

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