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My Passion

A great deal of my life has been completely devoted to music and composition, but that does not mean that it exists as my sole passion. I feel that many people mistakenly believe that there is room for just one creative pursuit and that total commitment is necessary in order to create something truly unique and worthy of being shared on a large scale. This seems to be especially true of those in the music industry, but I believe that being passionate about many pursuits does not in any way result in an artist being spread too thin.

Artists are enriched by any and all of their passionate experiences in such a way that their music, their writing, their acting or whatever their creative pursuit happens to be becomes all the more meaningful. It does not even have to be one of the traditional creative outlets, as the passionate pursuit of anything can be truly inspirational in a manner that influences creative energy and improves artistic output. While I am absolutely passionate about my music and my composition, I also understand that being passionate about hiking or surfing or gardening deepens my musical output in ways I am not even capable of realizing.

When I am asked about the amount of time I devote to my music, I can honestly say that everything I do stems from my passion for composing all kinds of music, whether it is a simple film score or a complex orchestral piece. Everything I do somehow contributes to my musical output, and I believe this has enabled me to plumb the depths of my creative mind in a way that may not have been possible otherwise. When someone asks how long a piece took to compose, I am quite fond of responding that it took the sum of all of my years, emotions and experiences to create. The response, of course, is borrowed from another artist, but I believe it is true all the same.

So what are the specific things I am passionate about beyond music? I am passionate about creative writing and remain committed to daily writing practice. I am likewise passionate about hiking and those brief conversations between strangers in passing when silence could have been just as easily appropriate. I am passionate about gardening, and it is quite common for inspiration to strike during those moments when I am silently digging in the dirt around my plants. Essentially, it is my belief that anything worth doing is worth doing passionately, and committing to being passionate about multiple pursuits has not diminished my passion for music and composition in any way.