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My Story

It should be quite obvious that music is a central component of my life, and it has been that way for as long as I can remember. I have always been deeply interested in every aspect of music and composition, and I often find myself intently focused on those natural rhythms of life that so frequently pervade our subconscious. As a result, I have committed myself to the creation of music that both inspires and entertains.

Long before I began my career in the music industry, I was simply intrigued by the possibility of expressing myself through music. I taught myself to play every instrument I was able to get my hands on, and when it became clear to my parents that this was not just a passing interest, they invested in piano lessons from a wonderful teacher. I learned about composition from those early lessons and applied what I understood about the piano to all of the other instruments that I managed to gather from second-hand sources.

Having devoted so much of my free time to musical endeavors, it only made sense to continue my study of music at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Studying under so many brilliant teachers expanded my horizons and enabled me to understand the many areas that I could improve upon. I was fortunate enough that several of the compositions I wrote in college and graduate school were performed live by talented musicians and orchestras, which ultimately led to the career in music that I have so thoroughly enjoyed.

Now I spend most of my time working on a variety of projects that allow me to explore all sorts of mediums that test my creativity and skill. I have composed orchestral pieces and scores for feature-length films, and most recently I have worked on a number of contemporary projects with musicians across several different genres. My career is incredibly satisfying, as it allows me to remain creatively engaged in a way that is challenging yet enjoyable. I have never considered what I do to be work, but I am quite proud of the time and effort I put into each and every piece I compose. When I first began learning to play an instrument, I never thought that it would become a lifelong passion, but I am certainly glad it did.