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Tag: Discusses the Fascinating Ways Music and Other Behaviors Affect the Brain

CreditUpdates MusicIt’s widely understood that a person’s taste in music will be considerably different from the personal preferences of others, so the emotional response a particular song or artist is able to generate in one person is quite likely to be radically different when compared to the emotional responses generated in other listeners. Researchers have studied the brain extensively with the goal of understanding this broad range of potential responses, looking at the connections between different regions of the brain and examining the manner in which chemicals are subsequently released. might be interested to learn that certain sensations are often the product of external stimuli, with chemicals being released in response to a particular song or even the act of making a relatively frivolous purchase with a credit card. Researchers found that certain individuals are more prone to experiencing an intensely positive response than others, which is why it might be important for those seeking to improve their credit score to understand that one frivolous purchase may cause the release of chemicals within the brain that could very well encourage future frivolous spending.

While being more likely to repeatedly experience the chills in response to a specific song will not have a significantly negative impact on an individual’s quality of life, the positive emotional response caused by unnecessary spending will certainly bring about a number of negative consequences. In these cases, rationality and reason must be thoughtfully applied to the decision-making process.